There are times in your life when accuracy really matters – and for those times, there is Braun.

Whether you’re up all night comforting your little one through a fever, or monitoring your own health to live your life to the fullest, Braun understands it’s not just a number on a piece of equipment, it’s your peace of mind.

FGB are exclusive Australian distributors for the Braun Health & Wellbeing range which includes solutions for:

Temperature Measurement

For those who want the absolute best for their children, nothing but a Braun thermometer will do. Braun’s highly awarded thermometers feature sophisticated engineering, speed, accuracy and user-friendly design.  It’s why more doctors prefer Braun than any other thermometer – and why they’re so popular with so many families across the globe.













Blood Pressure Monitoring

If you’re thinking of investing in a home blood pressure (BP) monitor but don’t know where to start, Braun can help.  An expert in home healthcare diagnostics for more than 90 years, Braun’s easy-to-use home BP monitor range helps you take readings at any time, in the privacy of home.  Take your heart health in your own hands, and live life to the fullest with Braun.