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Braun ThermoScan 5 IRT 6030

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  • Australia's No. 1 ear thermometer

  • ExactTemp pre-warmed tip for more accurate readings

  • Unique positioning system - light & sound confirm correct position

  • Fast reading

  • Gentle & comfortable - ideal for infants

  • Memory recall

  • Night light & storage cradle

  • 2 year warranty

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Braun is the market leader in ear thermometers.  They feature sophisticated German engineering, innovative design and user-friendly features, making Braun No.1 brand amongst Paediatricians and families.

Trusted brand
Braun is market leader in ear thermometers and recognised for its high precision engineering and innovative design.  Braun ThermoScan™ is Australia’s No. 1 ear thermometer, preferred by doctors and paediatricians worldwide.  It’s estimated that a Braun ThermoScan™ themometer is used more than 1.5 million times every day around the world.

ExactTemp™ pre-warmed tip
Exclusive pre-warmed tip technology is designed to minimise the cooling effect of the tip inside the ear canal, providing accurate measurements time after time.

Unique positioning system
Uses a light and sound to confirm proper positioning, ensuring best accuracy.  

Fast – 1 second readings
Measures temperature at the touch of a button in just one second, making it perfect for infants or squirmy toddlers.

Gentle & comfortable
Features a soft, gentle tip for added comfort - especially good for infants, as well as children and adults.

Memory Recall
The last temperature reading is displayed automatically. This makes it easier to identify a difference in temperature.

Night light feature
Helps take a temperature even when it’s dark.

Protective case
Includes a handy storage case to contain and protect the unit when not in use.  It can be positioned on any flat surface or wall mounted for convenience and ease of access.

2 year warranty
Felton Grimwade & Bosisto’s provide a 2 year warranty on the product commencing on the date of purchase.  This warranty covers defects or faults in the appliance but not damage due to improper use or normal wear.    Refer to the Information Manual for full warranty details.



What is fever?
Fever is a defence mechanism the body uses to fight infections, and is therefore frequently associated with childhood illnesses.  A body temperature that is consistently above the normal temperature range is called a fever. 

Why measure in the ear?

The ear canal is the best site to measure a fever because of its close proximity to the eardrum, which shares the blood supply of the brain’s temperature control centre.  This site allows for a more accurate reflection of the body’s core temperature.

Does my child have fever?
Clinical research shows that the definition of fever changes with a child’s age.  What is fever in a newborn can be a normal temperature in a four year old.  Use this helpful chart to help you determine if fever is present.


Normal temperature

Moderate fever

High fever

0-3 months

35.8- 37.4°C

Any temp above 37.4°C

3-36 months


35.4- 37.6°C

37.6- 38.5°C

Above 38.5°C


36 months to adult


35.4- 37.7°C

37.7- 39.4°C

Above 39.4


Please refer to instruction booklet for diagrams and complete instructions.

  1. Remove the thermometer from the protective case.
  2. Press the “Power” button. 
  3. Attach a new Braun lens filter.
  4. Fit the probe snuggly into the ear canal.
  5. Push and release the Start button.
  6. Temperature displays.
  7. Press the Eject button to remove the used lens filter.
  8. Discard the used lens filter.

NOTE: The Braun ThermoScan™ ear thermometer turns off automatically after 60 seconds of inactivity, and can also be turned off manually by pressing the Power button.

Temperature taking hints

  • Always use the thermometer with an undamaged lens filter for each measurement to maintain accuracy and hygiene, and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Right ear and left ear measurements can vary.  Always take temperature in the same ear.
  • The ear must be free of excess ear wax build up to take an accurate temperature.
  • Use the untreated ear if ear drops or other medications have been placed in the ear canal.

General Care
Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the exterior, and if necessary to clean the probe tip, do so very gently with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol.   Never use abrasive cleaners or  submerge thermometer in water or any other liquid.

The thermometer is supplied with two 1.5 V type AA (LR 06) batteries.

For full instructions, care tips and troubleshooting please refer to the Instruction Manual.



Always use the thermometer with an undamaged lens filter for each measurement to prevent infection. The thermometer and this guide is not intended as a substitute for consultation with your doctor. 

Use only as directed. If fever or complaints persist, consult your doctor.

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