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How Personality effects Thermometer Choice

Personality a degree of influence on thermometer choices: new report

Are you a Perfectionist, a Traditionalist, an Educated Expert or a Naturalist?

Your personality could dictate your shopping choices – in terms of thermometer purchases, at least – according to fever experts Braun.

Braun, the makers of the Braun ThermoScan Thermometer, have identified why some people opt for a basic digital, while others seek out the latest technology with all the bells and whistles, and it all comes down to personality.

According to the report, personalities fall into four main categories:

Traditionalists tend to do things the way they learned from their mother, only trust traditional methods and refuse to spend a fortune.  They’re most likely to choose a basic digital thermometer like a Euky Bear Digital.

Perfectionists like to listen to their doctor, and use the most accurate clinical methods.  They also prefer a basic thermometer, but could choose one of the ‘faster’ ones such as a Vicks Speed-Read.

Educated Experts are techno-savvy and choose quality over price.  They’re also likely to jump on social media and ask for friends’ opinions, check out review websites and thoroughly research their purchase.  Many new mums fall into this category, and ear thermometers such as Braun are their model of choice.

Naturalists go for whatever is best for their child.  They tend to make intuitive purchases, and don’t want to ‘disturb’ their child too much so models like the Vicks Forehead Thermometer appeal. 

Braun spokesperson Tegan Abbott said recent new strains of flu and meningococcal outbreaks meant people were now taking fevers very seriously.
“Gone are the days of the old glass mercury thermometer stashed in the back of a dusty cupboard … most families are now much more savvy, upgrading to the newer, safer digitals on the market and investing in peace of mind."
Still, upgrading can be a little confusing. She said “The boom of digital technology has seen a huge increase in options and prices, from forehead models to ear thermometers and everything in between.”

“A lot of it comes down to your personality, so identifying which category you fall into, and getting some advice from your local pharmacy, can help narrow it down.”