Product Uses

Braun Touchless + Forehead Thermometer

The first of its kind, this innovative forehead thermometer offers dual technology :‘touch’ or ‘touchless’ mode.  Perfect for sleeping babies or restless children it allows you to read temperature without disturbing them, or use the traditional method for extra peace of mind.  Fast and super accurate due to Braun’s patented satellite technology, the colour-coded screen also helps you decode readings instantly.   The No.1 choice for discerning families.

ThermoScan 5 IR Ear Thermometer

The trusted choice of new mums, Braun’s ThermoScan 5 features sophisticated German engineering, speed accuracy and user friendly design.  It is used by more doctors, and has won more awards in Australia than any other infra-red Ear Thermometer. Just released in a new model with upgraded features, it’s now even better than ever.

Lens Filters

For the most accurate temperature reading with your Braun ThermoScan 5, every time, using a Braun lens filter is vital.  These protective filters help keep the delicate lens clean and undamaged as well as maintaining hygiene between users.

6100 Blood Pressure Monitor

Braun’s ExactFit™ 3 blood pressure monitor is the perfect combination of simplicity and sophistication.  It has dual user capacity, which makes it easy for two people in the family to keep track of their readings, the ability to store 50 readings per user and average a reading over 7 days.   The handy colour-coded screen gives an instant cue if a reading is high, medium or normal according to World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines. It’s also ultra-comfortable and quiet because it doesn’t need to fully inflate to achieve an accurate reading.

Extra info: Health authorities recommend regular blood pressure checks over the age of 40, especially if there is a family history of hypertension (high blood pressure) or other risk factors like stress, an existing heart condition or obesity.  Many people – especially those who need to take frequent readings - find a home blood pressure monitor more convenient.  It can even be more accurate, as you’re more relaxed at home and can take readings at different times of the day.  In fact home blood pressure monitors are recommended by The Heart Foundation of Australia as a useful tool for proactive health management.

6200 Blood Pressure Monitor

The future of blood pressure monitoring is here.  Braun’s ExactFit™ 5 blood pressure monitor has all the features of the ExactFit™ 3, plus a whole lot more.  Heavy users will appreciate the larger memory and advanced diagnostic capacity (it stores 60 readings per user and can average across 3 x readings - full day, morning & eventing - for 7 days).  The Braun ExactFit™ 5 also has arrhythmia detection capacity – ie. it can detect an irregular heartbeat during readings, which can be useful for some medical conditions.  Suitable for two users, it’s ultra-quiet and comfortable, with the clinically proven accuracy Braun users have come to expect.