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Braun Forehead Thermometer

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The Braun Forehead Thermometer helps minimise the struggle or stress of temperature taking, making it easy to take a reading in seconds by gently touching the forehead.

The large colour-coded screen gives instant fever guidance – a green screen indicates a normal temperature, yellow indicates a fever and red indicates a high fever.

  • Professional accuracy with a gentle touch
  • Easy to use and measures in just seconds
  • Non-invasive convenience
  • Recommended for infants, children and adults
  • Fever guidance, colour-coded fever detection
  • Safe & hygienic – no probe covers needed
  • 2 year warranty

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional.

*Based on survey of pediatricians in the United States and syndicated ear thermometer data.
Special Features

Trusted Brand

Braun is a premium German brand, recognised for its high precision engineering and innovative design. Braun thermometers are preferred by doctors and paediatricians worldwide*.

How it works

The Braun Forehead thermometer measures the infrared energy radiating from the skin on the centre of the forehead, and converts this measurement into an oral equivalent reading.

Measurement in less than 2 seconds

The innovative infrared technology allows measurement of forehead temperature in under 2 seconds.

Fever guidance

A large, colour-coded screen with instant fever detection.  A green screen indicates a normal temperature is detected, yellow indicates a fever, and red indicates a high fever is present.

Safe and hygienic

No probe covers needed.

*Based on survey of pediatricians in the United States and syndicated ear thermometer data.

How to use

For full instructions, care tips and troubleshooting, please refer to the Operating Manual.

  1. Remove cap
  2. Power on
    Press and release the power button once. Backlight will come on and the warm up sequence starts.
  3. Ready
    When the device displays three dashed lines — it is ready to take a temperature.
  4. Position
    Position the thermometer in the center of the forehead, just above and between the eyebrows. Be sure to hold the thermometer flush against the forehead. It is important to hold the thermometer and the forehead steady during measurement. Movement will impact the temperature reading. If the forehead area is covered with hair, sweat, or dirt, please remove the hair or clean the area, and then wait 10 minutes before taking a temperature measurement.
    In addition, the thermometer should be in the same ambient temperature as the individual for 10 minutes before taking a temperature measurement.NOTE: ALWAYS remove the protective cap before taking a temperature reading.
  5. Take temperature
    Press the “Temperature button” and hold thermometer steady on the centre of the forehead. Be sure to hold the thermometer flush against the forehead for the duration of the measurement. When the temperature button is pressed a dashed line animation will appear on the screen.DO NOT remove thermometer from forehead until you hear a long beep indicating normal temperature range or 10 short beeps indicating fever.

To turn off

Press the power button. To conserve battery power, the unit will automatically shut down after 30 seconds of no use.

Memory Mode

The Braun Forehead thermometer includes a memory feature to recall the last temperature reading. The last temperature taken is stored in its memory and will be automatically displayed for 2 seconds when it is turned on.


The thermometer is supplied with two AAA alkaline batteries.


WARNING: Keep batteries out of reach of children. Ensure battery compartment is correctly secured.

Operating Manual

Item Code: BFH175

Operating manual


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