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Braun Touchless + Forehead Thermometer BNT 400

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  • Trusted, premium brand
  • Accurate results instantly - Forehead ‘Touch’ or ‘Touchless’ mode
  • AgeSmart™ with colour-coded display
  • ‘Object’ or ‘liquid’ mode to ensure food or bath water is correct temperature
  • User guidance system – accuracy sensor for correct positioning
  • Safe & hygienic – no probe covers needed
  • 2 year warranty
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What does it do?

Braun is a trusted name instantly recognised by the vast majority of Australian households. Braun healthcare products feature sophisticated German engineering, innovative design and user-friendly features, making them the No.1 choice for discerning families.  The Braun Touchless + forehead thermometer is an innovative forehead thermometer with the choice of touch or touchless readings, colour coded AgeSmart™ technology plus object or liquid mode.  The ultimate in convenience, usability and peace of mind.

Features and Benefits

What is Age Smart™ technology?
Clinical research shows that the definition of fever changes as newborns grow into children and children grow into adults (see chart, below). 

Braun’s AgeSmart™ colour-coded display takes the guesswork out of interpreting temperature for the entire family.


Normal temperature

Moderate fever

High fever

0-3 months

35.8- 37.4°C

Any temp above 37.4°C

3-36 months


35.4- 37.6°C

37.6- 38.5°C

Above 38.5°C


36 months to adult


35.4- 37.7°C

37.7- 39.4°C

Above 39.4

Simply use the AgeSmart™ button to select the appropriate ages setting and take a temperature. A green screen suggests no fever, a yellow screen suggests moderate fever and red suggests high fever.

Special Features

Trusted Brand

Braun is a premium German brand, recognised for its high precision engineering and innovative design. Braun thermometers are preferred by doctors and paediatricians worldwide. 

Innovative dual technology

The first ever thermometer with the convenience of two clinically proven options to take temperature – completely non-invasive no touch or traditional forehead touch.

Get the same professional accuracy whether touching your child’s forehead or measuring up to 5cm away.

Quick & easy readings

The Braun Touchless + forehead takes readings instantly, making it one of the fastest ways to measure temperature. 
The option of ‘Touchless’ mode also makes it perfect for distressed sick children, squirmy toddlers and small babies who may find it difficult to tolerate other, more invasive methods.

Patented satellite sensor
Braun Touchless + forehead thermometer is a very accurate way to measure temperature – even without skin contact. 

The thermometer measures infrared energy radiated from the skin at the centre of the forehead.  This energy is ‘captured’ through the thermometer’s lens.   Braun uses breakthrough technology with a lens shaped like a satellite, in order to capture twice as much radiated body heat compared to traditional forehead thermometers.

Large, colour coded display
Braun makes fever monitoring simple to understand, with a large, colour-changing display (like a ‘traffic light’) in background of the digital temperature reading.

Green: suggests no fever
Yellow: suggests moderate fever
Red: signals high fever

The thermometer also signals with different “beeps” for different temperatures - a single 2 second beep after measurement if the temperature is in the acceptably low range, or with a series of 10 short beeps if it is moderate or high.

This function provides easy visual and audio cues to help users interpret fever status - particularly handy for tired or stressed parents or those who can’t remember the indications for a fever.

User guidance system
How a thermometer is positioned is vital to the accuracy of its results.  Braun’s unique on-screen positioning system confirms proper distance for taking temperature and a gentle guidance light directs you to aim accurately.

Sophisticated design
The Touchless + forehead features elegant, sophisticated design with an ergonomic and comfortable handle, large buttons and easy-to-read LCD screen.

Safe & hygienic
The thermometer is safe and hygienic to use on babies, children and adults.  As a non-invasive instrument, does not require probe covers.

How to use

The Braun Touchless + forehead thermometer has been clinically tested and proven accurate when used in accordance to the instructions.  Please refer to instruction booklet for full details and diagrams.

  1. Remove cap.
  2. Power on: press and release the power button.  Backlight will come on and the start up sequence begins.
  3. Select age range with the AgeSmart™ button.  Device will start cycling through the ages, keep pressing to toggle until you select the appropriate age.  You can also lock in an age – refer to manual.
  4. When the device is ready and correctly positioned, a horizontal line of dashes (“-----“) will appear on the screen.
  5. Position device on, or up to 5cm away from the centre of the forehead, just between the eyebrows. 
  6. For No touch readings, the yellow guidance light will show you where you are aiming. 
  7. When the device is placed correctly, the screen displays a dashed line animation while it takes the reading.  If the device is positioned too far away from the forehead it will prompt you to move closer by displaying a diagram and the numbers “0-2.5cm”.  Slowly move the device towards the forehead until the dashed line animation (“------“) begins.
  8. Press the temperature button (you can press and hold, or press and release). 
  9. After approximately 2 seconds, the display will the temperature, including the corresponding beeps and fever traffic light colour.

NOTE: you can silence the beep function in order not to wake a sleeping child – refer to instruction booklet for details.

How to take food or bath temperature

Follow instructions above, but at step 3, select ‘Food & bath temperature mode’ by pressing and releasing the food & bath mode button.  A beep will sound, the food & bath icon will display and the screen backlight will be blue with three dashes, indicating it’s ready.

Position the device up to 6cm away from the bath water or food.  Aim directly at the food or liquid, not at the sides of the container holding it.

Press the temperature button (press and hold, or press and release).  The display will show the temperature reading.

Tips for taking temperature

  • For best results the patient should be inside, away from direct sunlight for at least 30 minutes before taking temperature.
  • Remove any hair from forehead before measuring temperature.
  • Clean any sweat or dirt away from the forehead to improve accuracy.
  • Keep the patient’s head still – it can help to have them look at a set point in the near distance.
  • Hold the thermometer steady while taking temperature – no need to ‘swipe’.



Felton Grimwade & Bosisto’s provide a 2 year warranty on the product commencing on the date of purchase.  This warranty covers defects or
faults in the appliance but not damage due to improper use or normal wear.    Refer to the information booklet for full warranty details.

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